Films Of 2018 That Will Make You Feel Human Again

With many films already out and many others on the way, 2018 is an impressive year for movie lovers like me. I am, however, intrigued by the few releases so far that have been so good, that they have changed my perception about people and got me to consider the a ‘thing' that makes us human. So, here are three films from 2018 that after watching, made me feel human again.

Midnight Sun

Film Midnight Sun SThe first on the list has got to be Midnight Sun. Released on March 28, 2018, Midnight Sun is an American romantic film that made me rethink my position on life and love. It is based on a love story but with a peculiar twist. Katie, a teenage girl has a rare but life threatening genetic condition called xeroderma pigmentosum. The condition causes her to be sensitive to sunlight, which means she spends all day indoors and only gets out at night to go about her life. Katie falls in love with Charlie but is afraid of telling him about her condition. He, however, finds out about it and chooses to stick with his love no matter the condition. Sometime later, the lovebirds go out sailing and daybreak catches up with them. As they are having a romantic time together, the sun rises and contacts Katie who then passes away some time after. It is an emotional movie that draws anyone to the reality of people who can't live a ‘normal' lives due to various problems but still manage to love and be happy. As a matter of fact, xeroderma pigmentosum affects people of Japanese descent 6 times more than any other people on earth.

What They Had

What They Had filmThe other film that stimulated the ‘empathy nerve' in me was What They Had, This awesome American drama film was first released on January 21, 2018. As I watched this film, my heart went out to the elderly people, sometimes people we know and are close to. The people who are almost forgotten and are often preferred to be put away or aside due to illness or just old age. Ruth is an aging mother diagnosed with Alzheimer's. It is not until she strays away from home on a freezing cold winter evening that her family really gets involved in a disagreement about her. Ruth's husband, son and daughter are split in opinion on whether it is finally time to surrender her to a nursing home. The official release of What They Had in the United States will be on October 12.


Annihilation filmFinally, this wouldn't have been a list without mentioning Annihilation. It's almost funny that science fiction could pull off an emotional effect on me, but this psychological horror movie actually did. Based on the novel ‘Annihilation' by Jeff Vandermeer, this film incorporates the beauty of a love story into a horror setting. When a team of scientists ventures into a quarantined area where no previous visitor has survived, they are killed one by one in mysterious ways. Amazingly, only a couple makes it out alive but with traces of the mutation effects that the quarantined area had on all its victims. Watching Lena fight her way to solving the mystery of this mysterious Area X facility regardless of the loss of her friends will definitely restore your faith in humanity.