How much do you really get to share of yourself?

Security in Social Media AThe amount of personal information that we share online, knowingly or unknowingly, can shock you. Social media has now enabled us to share almost every aspect of our lives with others. We can easily share so much personal information online without understanding the gravity of the situation. The major threats that social media bloggers suffer nowadays include impersonation and account hacking, harassment, stalking and invasion of privacy.

Social media lets us express our opinions online, we can easily share our thoughts with millions of people by just a push of a button. The way we use Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr etc can have unforeseeable consequences, which can turn out to be good or bad. If however, we remain a little bit cautious we can save ourselves from a lot of uncomfortable situations. One of the major problems that social media bloggers are facing on a daily basis is the threat of impersonation and hacking. We have all heard that one time when the twitter account of our famous celebrity got hacked. It seems that hackers are now just waiting to exploit our online presence for their own good. The main reason hackers want to exploit your social media account is that it is far more effective in spreading malware, scams, and viruses than any other media. It's a normal tendency for people to open messages sent from the social media friends. This, in turn, can compromise their safety too.

Recently, bloggers have raised concern that they are getting cyber bullied or stalked online. The threat to privacy can not only come from strangers, it could even come from our known close friends too. We all remember the viral story of the woman whose account was hacked by her boyfriend, after their bad breakup, who leaked all her private message online and then blocked her out of her account by changing the password. This act not only destroyed the woman’s personal life but also affected her professional life too.

The biggest problem for the bloggers nowadays is the bullying using trolling. We have observed many times when people do not even read the contents inside of the blog and start reacting just by reading the headline. This not only transforms the entire narrative of the article but also subjects the article too harsh criticism. There have been instances when the entire article where removed from the website, as too many people reported it as controversial without even reading the article. This problem is getting so prevalent that bloggers are now very careful when naming their blogs. According to an online experiment done by the National Science Foundation of America on 2338 Americans, trolling seems to affect the perception of the masses and could change the personality of the post.

To summarize, do not over-share, we more cautious and always expect some amount of trolling whenever you post something online. It is true that online bashing can impact your blog negatively, however, it should not deter you from standing on what is correct and justified.